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Poetry has always been very comforting to me. For me, there really is no other way to express something I passionately feel about. It’s almost like a puzzle that when put together, fits so well and sounds like it should just be. So whenever I was younger and I’d feel sad, angry, happy..whatever I felt and felt passionate enough to write about, poetry would be my emotional output. A way to vent my frustrations as a teenage lad up to now as a grown man. The only trouble is now, I have so many different thoughts racing through my mind it’s difficult to stay on topic or even to just sit down and write some poetry. When i was younger, I turned my poems in to songs. Rap songs. But I wasn’t your stereotypical “white rapper”. I didn’t rap about things I had no idea about. Even when people used to ask “what kind of music do you do?”, I would always feel a little embarrassed replying “Rap. I’m a rapper”. Because that is how this world is. I guess for some reason I always thought that Rap wasn’t for white people. Especially working class white people. Shock horror. But as with many families, there is always a struggle. Always something you need to vent about in life and this was my output. So now, instead of being a Rapper, I’d prefer to be an artist of the spoken word. Not a Rapper or an MC but a poet on a beat. You’ll never hear me preach about something I have no idea about. Tomorrow I’ll post a poem. A short note on how I feel. My emotions.