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Lorna Pt. 1

Lorna. Lorna Lorna Lorna.. well let me tell you about, Lorna. You see it’s over five years ago that I first started speaking to Lorna, through back then the ever so popular MSN & Bebo! Share the love! Remember that before Facebook & Twitter took demand. Lorna & I, myself & Lorna went to the same school, I used to see her about with her bunch of loser friends as I strolled by because i was cool but that was it really until the year 2008 when all of a sudden I had one former acquaintance add her in a conversation on MSN in which we became acquainted so much so we took to Bebo to SHARE THE LOVE! So that went on for a while until another two former acquaintances of mine actually made this somewhat strange double date almost where we went to Tesco and hung around there. A very memorable first meeting. So after talking for a few months and meeting a couple of times, June 3rd of ’08 was to be her 16th birthday so May 31st there was this little party to celebrate the day of the birth of this beautiful woman. It was a great night because May 31st 2008 was the day myself and Lorna, Lorna & I, got together. What made it tough was the fact I had to pluck up the courage to ask this beautiful young lady if she’d get with me so I thought to myself before I got there that I’d have a few drinks, be cool, stay calm, get bottle out the bottle but.. it was non alcoholic beer! You can imagine the horror on my face when I got there :I and thought “uh oh.. I need a new game plan quick” but i forgot about the game plan after I got locked alone with her out on this porch over looking the garden almost. You know I was 16 years old and I acted like i was all that but really I was just a pup. So I still could not bring myself to say “will you go out with me” I mean come on! We weren’t in the playground anymore. So eventually, it sounds really embarrassing now, I look in her eyes and I said “just kiss me innit” and my god…BUT it worked! I’m a romantic! I have improved for everybody’s knowledge reading this cringing.

Anyway.. I gotta go round the shop now! This is but part uno of Lorna.

Yours truly! R.R.
me and ryan