God Damn, My Head Hurts.

This time last night I was at a place called The Brook with my old man. The Brook is a place where all the tribute acts perform so last night was the Led Zeppelin tribute “Whole Lotta Led”. Before hand we were just down the pub so when he went in for my Corona and his Carlsberg, he came out with a leaflet with all the bands playing at The Brook. Course he saw a “Whole Lotta Led” were scheduled to play tonight so he had to, in his words “give me an education”. So it was a last minute rush to get to the venue on time. Once there we’d both had a fair few drinks. An hour in to the gig, Lorna calls me. Kindly enough she offers us a lift for midnight. It was the end of the song “Stairway To Heaven” when it hit me. All I saw were these purple, red and blue lights take over my eye sight and then total darkness. Apparently I went down like a sack of potatoes. My old man said he turned to the matey next to him and said “give us a hand, he’s just killed over”. Next thing I know I’m being woken up halfway through being carried out. Wake up this morning with a big bump on the back of my head feeling very woozy even now still. Just goes to show ladies and gentleman. A bowl of coco pops can not get you through the day without ending up with a concussion the next day!




What in the holy fuck is this!?

College Drop Out – Good

Late Registration – Alright

Graduation – Okay

Hmm..seems we’re producing a pattern here. It’s one big landslide and no, not a landslide because every album Kanye West brings out is ground breaking. At best it’s okay. So he went of the rails and thought he could sing. Now he’s bringing out this “Yeezus” and so i saw on YouTube the Album had leaked. I clicked on the video. I heard some noise. I listened to this nonsense that is the first track “On Sight” for a good 58 seconds. I closed the window down. I dragged the mouse to start. I clicked shut down. I pulled the plug out the wall. I threw the laptop out the window. Well..i didn’t but if I could afford it, I would have! I’m writing all this while listening to an absolute classic Hip Hop CD that is The Slim Shady LP so if you listen to “Yeezus”, you’ll completely understand. Another thing that winds me up about Mr. West is his tantrums. The man is the biggest little girl out. He’s so pretentious. I remember a clip on YouTube from a couple of weeks ago where Kanye walked straight in to a sign (please watch, point and laugh and like) and the time he jumped up on stage at an award ceremony because Beyonce didn’t win best video or something. The geezer needs a slap. WAKE UP MR. WEST!!!



Moving Day

Today is the day I take all my belongings from my Mothers residence and move to a place where I have a bed and a lovely lady to share it with. Daunting? No way! I’m 21 years old and moved out three times before. Back in 2010 I moved to Boscombe, B’mouth. Few months gone, back to Southampton. Then I was off to Fareham.. which actually has just brought me to something I can write about later. My god what a super massive black hole that was. Few months gone, back to Southampton. Now I’m staying in Southampton but moving in with Lorna, my beautiful woman of just over five years now.. something else I can write about later. My bags are packed. I’d been sleeping on a sofa for two years but no more! Proper dinners. Internet access. Xbox! A place to call home!! I’m out!


Home Video

I’ve been ill recently with a flu with thanks from this wonderful British summer. How lovely it is! But as I said in a past post, I’m not one to write about the weather. I’d rather write about this hair on my forearm and ask why it’s much bigger than the others. So with my illness temporarily immobilizing me to my mothers home, I’ve not been able to get to my other home to annoy Lorna as she hates what a whining bitch I am when I’m ill and lord knows I do not want to make her ill (real life nightmare). So I’ve been sat in my mothers, bored. I’d been watching Bear Grylls so when I went upstairs and stumbled past my brothers room to see him in his den playing the Xbox, I thought “ah haa”. Turning the video on my phone, I proceeded to make a documentary on this “dangerous animal”, sneaking around, low to the ground, I crouched silently outside his den of a duvet spread over three chairs with some cushions and his gaming equipment inside. I then pushed the duvet ceiling aside to reveal the “dangerous animal”, making him jump and sending me running before he catches me! I sent this to my lady and to her amusement, she wanted more. So I’m thinking.. “what can I do now!?” As I watch my two little dogs skip past me in a war of who’s going to chew on a sock. Then it hit me! “CHUCK” the smaller of the two dog brothers with unusually large eyes and a tremendously huge attitude. So I began sneaking around the house filming. Adding sounds to the finished product, my lady found rather amusing so i don’t know the humour of the bloggers who read this but if you need cheering up and can spare 7 minutes then take a look. I will post the link up shortly.


Trust Nobody

So, I gotta sit and wait for my lady in her car for an hour while she does what she needs to do. Times like these I feel helpless and very regretful of my past. My immaturity and impatience getting me in trouble four years gone. Allow me to relive this. At 17 years of age I had a car. I’d taken a few lessons..I’d been out in the car with my father. I was perfectly adequate at driving a vehicle with four wheels and still am for that matter. Two wheels is for another story! So I was a young lad who got my first car and like most young lads who get there first car, it’s there pride and joy. I was no different. I cleaned it every other day so it shined in the summer sun. But, here’s where my immaturity and impatience came in. At that time it was difficult to get a job and the climate in these few years haven’t changed much, being that it’s still pretty tough out there. So I didn’t have no money. My parents got by, my dad worked alot and didn’t really have the time to join me in driving. So I jumped in the car, put the keys in the ignition and drove. Even though I had to keep looking over my shoulder for police..I never felt such freedom before. So anyway long story short, my neighbours grassed me up..how do I know it was my neighbours? The day I got grassed on I was low on fuel. An hour before I went out that night I received a call from the neighbour asking me “did you manage to get some fuel? Are you still going out tonight?” Why the fluck did I answer yes!? Trust nobody. So at about 23:05 I started my engine. Pulled up the hill out of the close, turned left and saw some head lights pop on as soon as I turned the corner. I knew. So there’s a bunch of twist and turns where I live so I put my foot down to get on the main road. See a car pull out behind me soon enough..I couldn’t see whether it was police the headlights left me blind in that department until the blue flashing lights came on. I’m thinking “please go a round me” but after driving a little further they didn’t move. A thought of putting my foot down lasted 3 seconds.. I pulled up and sat there. Defeated. I knew I’d been done up when they asked “are you Ryan?” And then called in saying some information reported that I had been out driving several times. The funny thing is.. my neighbours act great and honorable but what they actually are is benefit thieves who have no jobs, who deal in dodgy motors and drugs with 4 kids and too much time on there hands so they get involved in everybodies business because that estate is the only world they know. It makes me laugh, they’re Liverpool fans but have never been to Liverpool to see them play and can’t even make the 4 mile trip to St. Marys when they play down here. Which is beyond the point really. I’m blabbering now cause I’m tired. So goodnight all! Peace!


It’s been a while..

You know what’s so great about writing blogs? It not only acts somewhat of a journal but it allows expressive input from those who need to vent there frustrations somewhere or it’s a place people come to simply write about their day, their lives. So you’re almost guaranteed to browse along some interesting topics. Myself, today will be writing in part of nothing too interesting. But, just to write because I’m in one of those moods! I haven’t been on here since Easter so how’s everybody doing!? Now questions need to be asked..yeah you know what I’m talking about! North Korea! What the fluck is up with Kim Jong Un?! It seems he often wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Hormones raging. So the North will be launching a test missile in to the pacific ocean tomorrow. The missile has to travel over Japan. So I’d say it’s definitely something to watch because who knows what’s going to happen when Little Kim’s in command!