Yesterday was my Birthday. I stepped up to another year to 22. I had a great day. A really great weekend actually. Lorna’s cousin came down from London to stay for the weekend. Friday was payday thus the pub called. Saturday afternoon/ evening, Lorna threw a curry night in which we had several friends over and continued to spend Saturday evening getting merry. Sunday was a more relaxed, sobered day as Summerslam was taking place and I wanted to rise bright and early to check the results! Monday was chilled out..I’ve become ill though..over indulging it may well be. Any who, what takes place every Monday evening/ Tuesday morning should I say!? Nothing else but RAW! Then Tuesday was my birthday. So all in all, a very good weekend. Despite Lorna’s cousin being a royal pain in the arse. We also found out he was a pathological liar. I thought we would humour him but now we’ve thought about it, maybe we should have said enough is enough. He’s 15, from London and also apparently is rich and has a 4 million pound house. If so, he should’ve been buying me the cigarettes and alcohol and Chinese and ice cream’s and the ever so long list of things he did not say thank you for. I wasn’t a perfect kid..far from it but I always had manners. Still..teenagers know best right? Some disturbing things came out of his mouth indeed. Thankfully we launched him back on to a coach straight to London on Monday. Tuesday, my birthday. After 22 years, my father walked out after a warzone with my mother for the last how many years. You know something though..throughout the whole ordeal..I never said a word. So my whole birthday has been dimmed by this crushing feeling that maybe..just maybe, I could’ve prevented it going this far. I can’t even remember the last time I told my Dad that I love him which is really upsetting for me. My mother used to speak to me about the separation of them both and I’d just say “Ma, I’m 21 years old, I’m old enough, it won’t affect me”. But it has. So for anybody out there who hasn’t told their loved ones just how much you love them, do it. Don’t be embarrassed. Because you never know what could happen. You can bet that I’ll be calling my old man in the morning to let him know that I’ll always need him as a father and that I love him, always have, always will, no matter what.



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