Good Morning

There’s always this calm feeling when waking up on a Sunday. The peace on the streets and silence in the air. The old people walking their little Jack Russels or King Charles Cavaliers to get their Sunday Times. The couples walking through the park hand in hand. The day the Mother always cooks the traditional! Sunday Roast. Be it chicken, beef, lamb or pork. Not too many vegetables for me. Three or four potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, some gravy and if it’s pork we’re having, I always ask for more crackling! Oh yes. Whether you can relate or not, there is something we all have in common on these Sunday’s of everyweek and that terrifying name that is, Monday! Yes, the day that always creeps up on you. First thing Friday afternoon you’re all happy and then BOOM! Monday slaps you in the face before you know it and because none of us won the EuroMillions this past week, it means we have to go and do the same old shit as per usual! But I’m not complaining because it’s Sunday.. just you wait Monday ..just you wait.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday



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