What in the holy fuck is this!?

College Drop Out – Good

Late Registration – Alright

Graduation – Okay

Hmm..seems we’re producing a pattern here. It’s one big landslide and no, not a landslide because every album Kanye West brings out is ground breaking. At best it’s okay. So he went of the rails and thought he could sing. Now he’s bringing out this “Yeezus” and so i saw on YouTube the Album had leaked. I clicked on the video. I heard some noise. I listened to this nonsense that is the first track “On Sight” for a good 58 seconds. I closed the window down. I dragged the mouse to start. I clicked shut down. I pulled the plug out the wall. I threw the laptop out the window. Well..i didn’t but if I could afford it, I would have! I’m writing all this while listening to an absolute classic Hip Hop CD that is The Slim Shady LP so if you listen to “Yeezus”, you’ll completely understand. Another thing that winds me up about Mr. West is his tantrums. The man is the biggest little girl out. He’s so pretentious. I remember a clip on YouTube from a couple of weeks ago where Kanye walked straight in to a sign (please watch, point and laugh and like) and the time he jumped up on stage at an award ceremony because Beyonce didn’t win best video or something. The geezer needs a slap. WAKE UP MR. WEST!!!




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