God Damn, My Head Hurts.

This time last night I was at a place called The Brook with my old man. The Brook is a place where all the tribute acts perform so last night was the Led Zeppelin tribute “Whole Lotta Led”. Before hand we were just down the pub so when he went in for my Corona and his Carlsberg, he came out with a leaflet with all the bands playing at The Brook. Course he saw a “Whole Lotta Led” were scheduled to play tonight so he had to, in his words “give me an education”. So it was a last minute rush to get to the venue on time. Once there we’d both had a fair few drinks. An hour in to the gig, Lorna calls me. Kindly enough she offers us a lift for midnight. It was the end of the song “Stairway To Heaven” when it hit me. All I saw were these purple, red and blue lights take over my eye sight and then total darkness. Apparently I went down like a sack of potatoes. My old man said he turned to the matey next to him and said “give us a hand, he’s just killed over”. Next thing I know I’m being woken up halfway through being carried out. Wake up this morning with a big bump on the back of my head feeling very woozy even now still. Just goes to show ladies and gentleman. A bowl of coco pops can not get you through the day without ending up with a concussion the next day!



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