Home Video

I’ve been ill recently with a flu with thanks from this wonderful British summer. How lovely it is! But as I said in a past post, I’m not one to write about the weather. I’d rather write about this hair on my forearm and ask why it’s much bigger than the others. So with my illness temporarily immobilizing me to my mothers home, I’ve not been able to get to my other home to annoy Lorna as she hates what a whining bitch I am when I’m ill and lord knows I do not want to make her ill (real life nightmare). So I’ve been sat in my mothers, bored. I’d been watching Bear Grylls so when I went upstairs and stumbled past my brothers room to see him in his den playing the Xbox, I thought “ah haa”. Turning the video on my phone, I proceeded to make a documentary on this “dangerous animal”, sneaking around, low to the ground, I crouched silently outside his den of a duvet spread over three chairs with some cushions and his gaming equipment inside. I then pushed the duvet ceiling aside to reveal the “dangerous animal”, making him jump and sending me running before he catches me! I sent this to my lady and to her amusement, she wanted more. So I’m thinking.. “what can I do now!?” As I watch my two little dogs skip past me in a war of who’s going to chew on a sock. Then it hit me! “CHUCK” the smaller of the two dog brothers with unusually large eyes and a tremendously huge attitude. So I began sneaking around the house filming. Adding sounds to the finished product, my lady found rather amusing so i don’t know the humour of the bloggers who read this but if you need cheering up and can spare 7 minutes then take a look. I will post the link up shortly.



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