Trust Nobody

So, I gotta sit and wait for my lady in her car for an hour while she does what she needs to do. Times like these I feel helpless and very regretful of my past. My immaturity and impatience getting me in trouble four years gone. Allow me to relive this. At 17 years of age I had a car. I’d taken a few lessons..I’d been out in the car with my father. I was perfectly adequate at driving a vehicle with four wheels and still am for that matter. Two wheels is for another story! So I was a young lad who got my first car and like most young lads who get there first car, it’s there pride and joy. I was no different. I cleaned it every other day so it shined in the summer sun. But, here’s where my immaturity and impatience came in. At that time it was difficult to get a job and the climate in these few years haven’t changed much, being that it’s still pretty tough out there. So I didn’t have no money. My parents got by, my dad worked alot and didn’t really have the time to join me in driving. So I jumped in the car, put the keys in the ignition and drove. Even though I had to keep looking over my shoulder for police..I never felt such freedom before. So anyway long story short, my neighbours grassed me do I know it was my neighbours? The day I got grassed on I was low on fuel. An hour before I went out that night I received a call from the neighbour asking me “did you manage to get some fuel? Are you still going out tonight?” Why the fluck did I answer yes!? Trust nobody. So at about 23:05 I started my engine. Pulled up the hill out of the close, turned left and saw some head lights pop on as soon as I turned the corner. I knew. So there’s a bunch of twist and turns where I live so I put my foot down to get on the main road. See a car pull out behind me soon enough..I couldn’t see whether it was police the headlights left me blind in that department until the blue flashing lights came on. I’m thinking “please go a round me” but after driving a little further they didn’t move. A thought of putting my foot down lasted 3 seconds.. I pulled up and sat there. Defeated. I knew I’d been done up when they asked “are you Ryan?” And then called in saying some information reported that I had been out driving several times. The funny thing is.. my neighbours act great and honorable but what they actually are is benefit thieves who have no jobs, who deal in dodgy motors and drugs with 4 kids and too much time on there hands so they get involved in everybodies business because that estate is the only world they know. It makes me laugh, they’re Liverpool fans but have never been to Liverpool to see them play and can’t even make the 4 mile trip to St. Marys when they play down here. Which is beyond the point really. I’m blabbering now cause I’m tired. So goodnight all! Peace!



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