It’s been a while..

You know what’s so great about writing blogs? It not only acts somewhat of a journal but it allows expressive input from those who need to vent there frustrations somewhere or it’s a place people come to simply write about their day, their lives. So you’re almost guaranteed to browse along some interesting topics. Myself, today will be writing in part of nothing too interesting. But, just to write because I’m in one of those moods! I haven’t been on here since Easter so how’s everybody doing!? Now questions need to be asked..yeah you know what I’m talking about! North Korea! What the fluck is up with Kim Jong Un?! It seems he often wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Hormones raging. So the North will be launching a test missile in to the pacific ocean tomorrow. The missile has to travel over Japan. So I’d say it’s definitely something to watch because who knows what’s going to happen when Little Kim’s in command!



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