Happy Easter!

Evening bloggers! How’s everybody doing tonight? Good!? Great! Just a quick one before I turn the lights out and dream of Mexico. I wonder how many of you saw that Kevin Ware injury? He had his leg snap in half, it was gruesome to say the least. One of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen so if you get a chance to look it up on YouTube or whatever and decide that you’ve seen worse then get back to me because my god! Best wishes to him on his recovery. I hope everybody’s had a good Easter! I also hope nobody gets fooled too bad today! I remember last year, I got fooled embarrassingly. I had no idea it was the first..mainly because I couldn’t care less and so with my lack of knowledge of this day, Lorna woke me up and she tells me she’s pregnant.. I know, lame right? Even when I found out it was the first it didn’t hit me until! Her lips curved up her pretty face and she giggled out “April fools ahahaha”. I’m obviously like “what the fluck!?”. So yeah, have your wits about you today people! There’s most probably somebody out there plotting on you! For now, sleep with one eye open!

Goodnight all,


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