New here!!

Good afternoon ladies and germs! I’m Ryes Revolt – for those who don’t know me, allow me to explain. NO! Ryes Revolt is not the name i was given at birth, funny enough. I’m a recording artist, R.R. is my alias. So, i’m new to this. Let me see..Oooh, maybe i’ll do a little promoting!! Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea! Now, i primarily perform Rap music. No, not “i got a batch of guns and drugs, we all thugs in the clubs with my young bloods” bullshit. A while back, i had so much happening in my life that the music had to take a back seat. I say a while back..i mean about 3 or 4 years. It’s a strange thing because as i’ve grown older, i’ve been unable to listen to Rap. I’d be sitting in the car, listening to the radio when all of a sudden!! OMG!! It’s Lil Wayne!!! Or!! Somebody else, i can’t think of any of their names right now but that shows you just how much i actually listen to the genre in which i perform. As a matter of fact, i hate Rap and Rappers as a whole because i’ve heard so much shit and so many commercialized fairy’s running around screaming “look at my bitches, look at my car, i got so much money but i won’t buy a hoe a new bra” it’s either that or they’re all kissing each other through the phone. So, i guess you could say that i like Rap..only when it’s me. So i’ve recently just had to sit down and think to myself….HOW can i do this differently yet still make it sound good and relevant with real situations. In all honesty, i’m still sitting down thinking about it and going in the studio trying different things and it’ll come! It will come! I am composing an E.P. commemorating my newest edition in years. Now, i know some of you will be wondering “So..what’s with the name dude..are you stupid or what man”, well, no, not exactly. Everything i just wrote is the reason i’ve decided to pick up this alias. I want a revolt from all this bullshit out right now. So Ryes = Ryan and Revolt = going against all this shit that’s polluting the airwaves at this point in time.

IF you are with me then you can follow me on Twitter @ryesrevolt and also like my page on Facebook that’s

I also have a website in which you will be able to purchase my music. This is at – the moment, that’s all i have to write about! I hope that maybe some people will be with me on this! Then again, ya never know! To whom this concerns, i hope you are well! I’m well! I shall write again real soon! Probably at some point tonight…peace.



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