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My good morning message.

So, 0°C outside, a start to your not most typical British spring. Should be warmer by now, come on! Every day I wake up I’ll check the weather so at around 7:39am I receive a message on my phone.. it wakes me up..i check the weather! But the bitter cold in spring is not something I’m here to blog about although it is something to bitch about but I expect a million other people are covering that subject. Rightfully. I mean this time last year it was a heatwave! A year on and we’re working with highs of 2°C! But I’ll now leave the bitching to my fellow bloggers whom really have not that much to talk about if they have to blog about the weather! I have an app that covers it thank you very much! Now..what was I..oh yeah! The message! And this message! Is from Lorna (I’ll get on to Lorna in a later edition) and Lorna’s text me with these exact words, NO, no good morning or pleasantries but this – ” Ok I just read the report on jade Anderson. You are never ever ever getting a bull mastiff or aggressive staffy ever!” So I didn’t really know about any of this, I heard there was a dog attack. Now I’m 21 years old and I’ve grown up with, what some ignorant ponce’s would describe as dangerous dogs. I was born in to a family with a her soul. Then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Boxer (my very best friend) rest his soul and now we’ve got two brothers from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier family. And not once has either of those four dogs brought harm to anybody. You see, let’s talk statistics. Let’s say that 100% of any dog born is a blank canvass. You mold your dog to how you wish for it to act. Give it love and attention it’ll give it right back. But with the Bull breed, what you have is these pikeys buying them from breeders (who don’t give a shit what life they live, they only want the money. They don’t care that shelters are over populated by these dogs as it is) and so these pikeys as I so elegantly put it! Use these dogs as a status symbol to intimidate others or make the dogs fight or breed them themselves and I’d say about 90% of these people are taking 100% of an innocent dogs canvass and painting it black by subjecting it to cruelty and aggression. The government don’t need to waste time with this dangerous dogs act! That’s plain stupid and ignorant! What about the dangerous owner act! There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners and I will defend these dogs with everything I have to keep them from all this bad press. Now it’s tragic that a little girl has died. But I’m going to point out some phrases from a article that I’ve just read on what I think are the evidence. The article states “out of control dogs” question – why were they out of control? Also, it states that the owner was not home at the time of the incident. What caused these dogs to react? For every action there is a reaction. If you push a dog too far they will snap, JUST LIKE A HUMAN. And no disrespect to anybody but why does this sort of thing always happen in rough areas like Greater Manchester for example? I don’t know how much heat I’ll get with this or how many people will follow or unfollow this blog due to what I’ve just written about but I’m just voicing an opinion on something that matters to me. I know the ones who think these breeds are dangerous are the exact people who have never had the pleasure to own such loyal dogs.



Before I sleep..

I’m one of those people who, no matter what time it is, how tired I am or how drunk! Like to just lay back and think about this journey. I’m not a praying person..don’t get me wrong, I will never judge another but I do have my opinions on religion. I’m more of a spiritual guy. In some cases, I believe that I am on a spiritual journey. Facing the good and bad. Positives and negatives. Taking them all in to account, learning and moving on. Anyway, I’m going slightly off topic. I guess I just want you all to know who I am. What I’m writing about is..I’ll lay back and give thanks for everything. Not to God. I make my own destiny. I thank my best friend, who may be deceased but his spirit guides me. His spirit is strength, loyalty and love and that was everything he was about and every single night since his passing, I’ve never failed to wish him sweet dreams. I’ve got a poem tattooed on my arm especially for him. I thank him for being in my life. I thank my girlfriend of nearly five anniversaries for being in my life and giving me so much and for pulling me through and not letting me go when I was ill. My girlfriend I’m so proud of. I thank my little brother for being the ray of hope and such a bright light in the family and I thank my family for everything they’ve done. People need to be grateful for what they have because without it..they would be lost. Just think – it’s not all that bad! As I sleep on my parents’s not all bad! As a matter of fact, I’ll sleep well because in the morning, everything I’m grateful for, I’ll wake up to.

Goodnight world!

New here!!

Good afternoon ladies and germs! I’m Ryes Revolt – for those who don’t know me, allow me to explain. NO! Ryes Revolt is not the name i was given at birth, funny enough. I’m a recording artist, R.R. is my alias. So, i’m new to this. Let me see..Oooh, maybe i’ll do a little promoting!! Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea! Now, i primarily perform Rap music. No, not “i got a batch of guns and drugs, we all thugs in the clubs with my young bloods” bullshit. A while back, i had so much happening in my life that the music had to take a back seat. I say a while back..i mean about 3 or 4 years. It’s a strange thing because as i’ve grown older, i’ve been unable to listen to Rap. I’d be sitting in the car, listening to the radio when all of a sudden!! OMG!! It’s Lil Wayne!!! Or!! Somebody else, i can’t think of any of their names right now but that shows you just how much i actually listen to the genre in which i perform. As a matter of fact, i hate Rap and Rappers as a whole because i’ve heard so much shit and so many commercialized fairy’s running around screaming “look at my bitches, look at my car, i got so much money but i won’t buy a hoe a new bra” it’s either that or they’re all kissing each other through the phone. So, i guess you could say that i like Rap..only when it’s me. So i’ve recently just had to sit down and think to myself….HOW can i do this differently yet still make it sound good and relevant with real situations. In all honesty, i’m still sitting down thinking about it and going in the studio trying different things and it’ll come! It will come! I am composing an E.P. commemorating my newest edition in years. Now, i know some of you will be wondering “So..what’s with the name dude..are you stupid or what man”, well, no, not exactly. Everything i just wrote is the reason i’ve decided to pick up this alias. I want a revolt from all this bullshit out right now. So Ryes = Ryan and Revolt = going against all this shit that’s polluting the airwaves at this point in time.

IF you are with me then you can follow me on Twitter @ryesrevolt and also like my page on Facebook that’s

I also have a website in which you will be able to purchase my music. This is at – the moment, that’s all i have to write about! I hope that maybe some people will be with me on this! Then again, ya never know! To whom this concerns, i hope you are well! I’m well! I shall write again real soon! Probably at some point tonight…peace.